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Kim Kardashian?s Daughter North West Impresses Her Parents

Kims divorce from Kris Humphries was much less emotional than Khloes current predicament. On a previous episode, Kim told Khloe to her face that she was acting like a miserable person. Khloe has been struggling to understand the end of her marriage, and Kim just wants Khloe to snap out of it and move on. In fact, Kim seems to be very much into herself this season, as she is exploring her new life with Kanye, playing with her daughter, and planning her wedding. It is surprising that Kanye West is supportive of Kims reality TV career, considering he doesnt want to be a part of it. She has agreed to let the cameras film her, but has demanded that the cameras stay away from her daughter. At times, viewers can hear North in the background, but the cameras will not film her for Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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