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Kim Kardashian?s Sleek Pony Vs. Kourtney Kardashian?s Messy Style ? Battle - Hollywood Life

Kim Kardashian Sleek Pony Kourtney Kardashians Messy Style Kim wore allblack with gold accessories for a sophisticated, sleek look on April 8. She definitely looked super professional with a black fitted blazer, a plunging top, and loose harem pants. To finish off her chic look, Kim had her hair pulled back in a sleek low ponytail. This look definitely showed off Kims amazing cheekbones! Kourtneys look was more playfuland flirty as she wore a floral skirt and a striped top. Her hair was also up, but unlike Kims sleek hairstyle, Kourtneys hair was in a messy low bun. Kourtneys bangs were out to frame her face with other pieces of hair pulled out to give her look a more messy, relaxed feel.

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