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Celebrity Big Brother: Dappy Felt 'violated' After Clashing With Luisa Zissman Over His Sleeping Habits

Both are known to have fiery personalties so it's no wonder Celebrity Big Brother housemates Luisa Zissman and Dappy have clashed. In CBB's latest spat, the Apprentice star claims the N-Dubz rapper has been spending too much time in bed. Dappy was left unimpressed when the brunette babe quizzed him over his sleeping habits. The 26-year-old singer claimed he felt violated after the accusations, while Luisa urged him to speak out. According to Digital Spy, Dappy told the 25-year-old contestant: But you speak out too quick, you point the finger and you are fiery, you point out and why don't you just hold that back." Dappy and Luisa clash over his sleeping habits (WENN/Channel 5) To which Luisa replied: "Because that's not me, you are who you are and I am who I am. "I'm cool, I've held myself back and that's fine, hold yourself back if you want to get the public to like you because you're so scared of speaking out, I'm not saying that to be mean." She went on to say: "It's like you don't sit with us, you don't speak with us and... we like you, I care about you, and it's like what's up? When I say you've been sleeping all day, I didn't mean it like you're taking site it." Luisa Zissman on CBB launch night (WENN) "It's like someone punching me in my face, that's how it felt, Dappy answered.
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